Water and agricultural activities

FAO predicts that by 2050 agricultural water needs will increase by 50% to meet the increased food demand of a growing population. Freshwater is becoming increasingly scarce on the planet due to its mismanagement, reckless use and climate change.

In recent years, agricultural regions all over the world have come under increasing water stress. Severe droughts in Chile and the United States have affected agricultural production and reduced surface and groundwater supplies.

These and other extreme weather events such as floods and tropical storms are also expected to become more frequent.

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However, it is essential to choose the right agricultural machine or processing equipment. It is vital today to have suitable and quality machines or equipment.

The right to a healthy environment!

It should be noted that there are a multitude of distinct agricultural machines and each has its own characteristics. With agricultural equipment or machinery, it is possible to carry out transport, field work, etc. It is therefore necessary to ask yourself all these interesting questions before choosing your agricultural equipment. However, it is important to choose the right supplier

performance depends on operator skills and weather conditions. The difference in the characteristics of the machines can be determined in field tests, from research reports and from personal experience. Some technology models are universal and suitable for most farms.

A good agricultural machine! A good maintained!

To extend the life of your machine, you must limit the risk of breakdowns that compromise operation: maintain regularly! Ideally, maintenance is done after each use, but it should also be done when your machine is sleeping during the off-season. Your hardware wears out, even when not in use.