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Hay green offers you machines and mechanical equipment to be able to work better, to increase your productivity or their yield from your agriculture.

HAY green expert in cosmetics specializing in the research and creation of cosmetic products for the skin, hygiene and hair.

Our experts support you throughout the development process of your project thanks to market knowledge.

A team ready to listen to your most innovative projects.

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We thus offer flexible and efficient services and solutions.

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Hay green has distinguished itself from its inception for the quality and reliability of its products and services.

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Find all of our agricultural machinery, cosmetics, personal care and hygiene products is carried out to an extent determined by the size and growth rate of the market



Cependant il est une nécessité primordiale de bien choisir sa machine agricole ou son équipement de transformation. Il est aujourd’hui vital de disposer de machines ou d’équipements adaptés et de qualité. Les éléments à prendre en compte pour choisir son matériel agricole ? Il est à noter qu’il existe une multitude de machines agricoles distinctes et…



Le droit à un environnement sain ! Le 5 juin, on célébrera la Journée mondiale de l’environnement. Cet événement annuel, institué par les Nations Unies pour sensibiliser le public aux problèmes environnementaux les plus pressants, est consacré cette année à la pollution de l’air. cette prise de conscience a mené à une écologisation des droits…



De mauvaises habitudes de nettoyage et une mauvaise hygiène personnelle peuvent entraîner une contamination des aliments, des intoxications alimentaires et la propagation d’infections. Se laver avant de manipuler des aliments après avoir touché d’autres aliments ainsi qu’après avoir fumé ou chiqué du tabac, mangé et bu, sorti les ordures…


Environment The right to a healthy environment!   June 5 will be World Environment Day. This annual event, established by the United Nations to raise awareness of the most pressing environmental issues, is dedicated this year to air pollution. this awareness has led to a greening of recognized human rights: many of them are now… Read More »Environment
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Hygiene Poor cleaning habits and poor personal hygiene can lead to food contamination, food poisoning and the spread of infections. Wash before handling food after touching other food, as well as after smoking or chewing tobacco, eating and drinking, taking out garbage, changing a diaper, touching parts of the body such as the mouth, or… Read More »Hygiene
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Agriculture However, it is essential to choose the right agricultural machine or processing equipment. It is vital today to have suitable and quality machines or equipment. The right to a healthy environment! It should be noted that there are a multitude of distinct agricultural machines and each has its own characteristics. With agricultural equipment or… Read More »Agriculture
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